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Quantum Montessori offers an innovative K-12 educational journey, blending the Montessori method with modern learning standards. In addition to being accredited by CONGIA, our program meets national standards and is crafted by each educator to meet your individual state’s standards to ensure each learner meets their marks. From preschoolers learning phonics to twelfth graders preparing for college, entrepreneurship, trade school, and beyond, our curriculum caters to the needs of students at all levels.


💡Our curriculum spans the five traditional Montessori areas—Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, and Science and Culture—designed to cultivate independence, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning. 

🧠 We enhance our Montessori foundation with content in SEL, English Language Arts, Literacy, Reading, Science, Math, Social Studies, World History, and STEAM to broaden knowledge, spark creativity, and prepare students for global citizenship.

🤝 Central to our approach is project-based learning, encouraging students to tackle real-world problems and conceive practical solutions, fostering engagement, collaboration, and meaningful application of knowledge. 

⭐️ Montessori Guides & Success Coaches offer unparalleled support, ensuring students excel academically and develop crucial life skills, including academic advising, college and career planning, and emotional support. 

🚀 In addition to our core curriculum, Quantum Montessori emphasizes STEAM education across all age groups, taught by experts with significant experience in guiding virtual classrooms. These classes integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics, offering hands-on, experiential learning that inspires innovation and critical thinking. 


👉 Our program is perfect for homeschool families as well as parents working from home 

👉 Learners receive a tailored learning experience, allowing them to progress at their own pace and pursue their individual interests and goals. 

👉 From the early years to high school, our wide-ranging subjects ensure students receive a thorough education that equips them for the future. 

👉Quantum Montessori merges traditional Montessori education with contemporary instructional methods, backed by guides dedicated to every student’s success. 

Did you know? Studies have shown that students engaged in project-based learning, a cornerstone of the Quantum Montessori approach, demonstrate higher motivation, deeper understanding, and improved academic achievement compared to traditional learning methods. By enrolling your child in Quantum Montessori, you are not just choosing an education; you are choosing a pathway to lifelong curiosity and success. 


Our mission is to provide a Heart-Centered program for children by offering a holistic approach that integrates Montessori, STEAM, and SEL-based practices. We believe in youths unlimited potential and aim to nurture the mind, body, and soul of every youth, creating a well-rounded and balanced individual. Through our compassionate and nurturing environment, we strive to inspire a love for learning, foster creativity, and critical thinking skills, and promote self-awareness, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence. We believe in cultivating a strong sense of community and instilling a lifelong passion for growth and self-discovery. We are committed to creating a community that celebrates diversity, promotes compassion, and empowers children to become compassionate, mindful, and responsible citizens of the world. 


Our vision is to spread heart-centered education known for motivating, transforming, and innovating within our local and global communities. We are committed to empowering children by providing them with the tools they need to contribute to their communities in the most impactful, compassionate, and respectful way. 


This is why we will be offering the following virtual learning programs: 

✏️ Full-Day: A full day of learning 
✏️ Part-Day: 2.5-hour to 4-hour classes offered throughout the school day. 
✏️ Learning Hour: One-to-one tutoring 


🌼 Montessori Certified Teachers: Educators with formal training and certification in Montessori education, experienced in creating environments that foster independence, curiosity, and love for learning in students across various age groups. 

🌼 Specialists in Project-Based Learning: Professionals skilled in designing and implementing project-based learning experiences that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application of knowledge. 

🌼 Subject Matter Experts: Individuals with deep knowledge in specific academic areas such as Historically Accurate History, Science, Math, ELA, Literacy, and STEAM, who can bring their subjects to life in the classroom. 

🌼 Experienced Online Educators: Educators have adapted to the digital classroom environment, proficient in using online tools and platforms to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. 

🌼 Coaches: Educators with a background in counseling, academic advising, and college and career planning, offering support beyond traditional teaching roles. 

🌼 Social Emotional Learning Advocates: Guides who prioritize the emotional and social development of their students, incorporating SEL principles into their teaching to support the holistic well-being of each learner. 

🌼 Innovators and Creatives: Educators who are constantly seeking new and effective ways to engage students, incorporating innovative teaching methods and creative content into their curriculum. 

The Quantum Guide and Success Coach is more than just an educator; they are a mentor, a motivator, and a visionary, dedicated to preparing students not just for academic success but for a fulfilling life beyond the classroom. Through a blend of Montessori principles, SEL focus, and innovative coaching techniques, Quantum Guides ensure that every student is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the complexities of the modern world. 


Q: How does QM offer such a comprehensive curriculum? 
A: Quantum Montessori utilizes the circular curriculum by designing their programs to cover subjects and developmental areas in a spiraling manner, as indicated in their curriculum design. This approach ensures that Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, and High School students at Quantum Montessori receive a high-quality, inclusive, and comprehensive education. By integrating the Montessori philosophy with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and SEL (Social Emotional Learning), Quantum Montessori’s curriculum covers a broad range of subjects in a way that builds upon previous knowledge and skills. This integrated curriculum fosters a deep understanding and appreciation for learning, preparing students not just academically but also for global citizenship
Q: How many days a week does the class meet? 
A: Families can choose a flexible schedule ranging from 1 to 5 days of engagement each week, designed to accommodate diverse learning needs and family schedules. 
Q: Are all classes live? 
A: Yes, all classes have a live component unless you are enrolling in a flex class. 
Q: Can I request a class? 
A: Yes, you may request a class. Send us a message to get started 
Q: What is the typical class size? 
A: Max 10 learners in a class 
Q: What is your policy on homework or assignments? 
A: Homework is not required but learners enrolled in ongoing and long-term classes are expected to complete a minimum of 1 hour of learning outside of class time 
Q: What happens if my child misses a class? 
A: There are no refunds after class has started for the week unless Quantum Montessori does not provide services. Weekly work plans are provided for missed classes to keep learners engaged. 
Q: How can parents support their child’s learning in your class? 
A: Home educators can support their learners by ensuring that they are able to access their classwork and all materials needed for each class. Families can also support by ensuring that learners have access to a stable internet connection, laptop and headphones with microphone would be desirable, but is not required. Our program can be completed on a tablet or phone if necessary. 
Q: How do you encourage class participation and engagement? 
A: Class sizes remain small to ensure that learners receive a learning experience that keeps them engaged from beginning to end. 
Q: How do you handle students with different learning paces or special needs? 
A: We meet them where they are academically and make any modifications necessary to ensure equity. 
Q: How do you assess student progress and provide feedback? 
A: Learners submit Big and Little work for evaluation. There is constant feedback throughout that school week. 
Q: How much interaction will there be between you and the students? 
A: There is consistent communication with learners. Learners are welcome to ask questions on the class wall or through Outschool messenger for a response throughout the day. 

More Questions?

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