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At Quantum Montessori, we nurture the whole child – mind, body, and spirit – through our heart-centered approach. With our Montessori, STEAM, and SEL powerhouse program, your child will develop a passion for knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving, empathy, and resilience.

About Quantum Montessori

At Quantum Montessori, we merge the timeless principles of Montessori philosophy with modern educational practices, ensuring every child receives a personalized and high-quality education. Our program provides comprehensive support for parent educators and access to STEAM, SEL, and positive mindset resources within a community-focused learning environment.

Our commitment to individualized learning paths distinguishes us, catering to each student’s unique needs. We aim to nurture curious minds and empower parents to be proactive participants in their children’s education. Our holistic approach emphasizes academic excellence alongside the emotional and social development of our students.

Parents benefit from a variety of resources to support their homeschooling journey, including detailed lesson plans, interactive materials, and regular workshops on effective homeschooling strategies. Our online platform allows you to track your child’s progress and access educational resources from anywhere.

We enhance the communities we serve by offering an alternative to traditional schooling that meets National Standards. Partnering with ASU Prep, we provide secondary students with access to a Cognia-accredited curriculum. Additionally, Quantum Montessori aligns with the American Montessori Society, Association Montessori International, Next Generation Science Standards, and the National Center for Montessori, ensuring a flexible, effective, and outstanding educational experience.

Quantum Montessori Guides & Success Coaches are certified Montessorians, licensed educators, authoritative parents, and experienced homeschoolers. They are committed to helping families navigate the complexities of homeschooling while fostering a strong sense of community.

Our team is always available to offer personalized advice and support, ensuring that you and your child feel confident and supported throughout your educational journey.

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“So here begins the new path, wherein it will not be teacher who teaches the child, but the child who teaches the teacher.”

Dr. Maria Montessori


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