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Navigating Your ESA Benefits at Quantum Montessori

Welcome to Quantum Montessori, where we aim to simplify the process of using your Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) funds for a rewarding educational experience for your child. Our commitment is to provide clarity on how to effectively allocate your ESA resources, ensuring both a seamless educational journey for your child and timely compensation for our dedicated educators and staff.

Understanding ESA Funding at Quantum Montessori

Quantum Montessori accepts ESA funds as part of our comprehensive tuition payment system. To align with our educational and operational commitments, we have set forth policies to guide the use of ESA funds for tuition payments:

  • Timely Tuition Payments: Tuition payments must be received by the 20th of each month, regardless of ESA status. This ensures that we can maintain the high standard of education and care that your child deserves.
  • Planning for the Quarter: Parents enrolling their child for a full quarter (12-weeks) should request funds early from your ESA program to avoid any disruption in your child’s education.
  • Responsibility for Additional Costs: Please note that any costs or fees not covered or approved by the ESA program will remain the responsibility of the parents. It is important to review the specifics of your ESA coverage to prepare for any additional expenses.
  • Proactive Payment Approach: Quantum Montessori will accept ESA payments after the term has begun. However, parents should submit payment it is essential to manage any current or past due payments promptly through our parent portal in advance and then use their payment receipts to seek reimbursement through the ESA program.

How to Manage Your ESA Funds

To utilize your ESA funds at Quantum Montessori, follow these steps:

  1. Request Early Funding: Contact the Arizona Department of Education to request early disbursement of funds for the upcoming term.
  2. Pay Tuition: Use the parent portal to make tuition payments before the due date.
  3. Submit Reimbursement Requests: If you have paid out-of-pocket, submit your reimbursement request to the ESA program according to their guidelines.

For any questions or further clarification on using your ESA funds at Quantum Montessori, email us at

We are here to assist you with any inquiries or support you might need to navigate the ESA funding process effectively.

Quantum Montessori is dedicated to ensuring that your child receives the best possible education funded by the ESA program, within the framework of our operational capabilities. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in your child’s educational journey.

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